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Conveying Nuts – Peanuts/ Almonds / Pecans / etc.

Conveying nuts

Are you looking for a method of conveying nuts that will minimize product degradation and increase productivity? Then read this blog post about how a Spiroflow conveyor will gently convey nuts in a safe and reliable manner. Whether you need to move peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts or even peanut butter, we have a conveyor that will suit all products.

Conveying Peanuts

Our peanut conveying systems can be used on all types of peanuts whether they are raw, in the shell or in a powder and can be used in any part of the production process. Most peanut suppliers are looking for a safe method of conveying peanuts which will not damage the product and create dust. One of our best conveyors for achieving this is the cable drag conveyor.

The cable drag conveyor carries the peanuts alongside high molecular polyurethane discs and drags them through the tube. This conveyor offers dust-tight protection and is one of the most gentle applications so your peanuts will arrive at the roasting or washing process with minimal damage.

Read more about how we installed a bulk bag filler to increase productivity in a peanut factory: Case Study 1024

Spiroflow Custom Nut Conveying Solutions

We understand that although the product may be similar, each application is unique. This is why all our conveying and bulk solids handling solutions are custom designed by our engineering team. Spiroflow has over 45 years experience in the solids & bulk handling industry and we have the broadest product range to offer a truly objective opinion on which solution is best for you. You won’t get a flexible screw conveyor because that is all we sell; our in-house testing lab will analyze your product and our machine testing facilities will reliable replicate your application before you purchase. This is all to make sure you end up with a system that works best for you.

How do I know which conveyor is right for our process?

Still trying to decide which conveyor is most suitable for your application? That’s simple, do a test! No matter which conveyor you choose, we suggest you work with a specialist manufacturer who can test your material beforehand. We want to make sure you get the right equipment and desired results. Visit us at our test center to see exactly how your material behaves during conveying with an accurate machine trial before you purchase.

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