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Conveying Sugar – Choosing the Right Mechanical Conveyor

sugar dunes

Conveying Sugar – Choosing the Right Mechanical Conveyor



Powdered sugar can cause challenges as it is being conveyed because it is highly flammable and explosive. Therefore it is critical that a conveyor system is designed to eliminate this risk. Furthermore, powdered sugar tends to pack and cake as it is conveyed so further flow aids may be necessary to help with discharging.

Granulated sugar, on the other hand, is an abrasive material. This means the conveyor must be capable of withstanding the wear that the sugar will create as it grates against the sides of the conveyor. Furthermore, just like powdered sugar, granulated sugar is highly combustible and potentially explosive and will ignite at high temperatures. It is essential, therefore, that any conveyor is designed to prevent dust emissions and static buildup while also eliminating any possible source of ignition. Finally, granulated sugar is a hygroscopic material, meaning it will absorb any moisture it comes into contact with. The conveyor system might need flow aids to ensure complete discharge of the sugar from the conveying system.

sugar dunes
sugar dunes and strewing sand sugar


Flexible Screw Conveyors

The flexible screw has only one moving part, the spiral and as it constantly remixes as it conveys so it is ideal for conveying batches of sugar. This conveyor can come with a reverse bung, drop out tray and quick release flanges which makes it an extremely hygienic conveyor and will help avoid cross-contamination when you switch batches. Watch our video about the hygienic FSC and how it could help you with your process.

Flexible Screw Conveyor Material Flow

Aero-Mechanical Conveyors:

The Aero-Mechanical conveyor creates an airstream which moves the product up the tubes along with high-speed discs and a rope. This conveyor is a great choice for conveying both powdered sugar and granulated sugar as it offers total containment. So any dust created during conveying will be contained within the conveyor which reduces the risk of explosions caused by static build up. This conveyor is airtight and runs quietly and with minimal energy, making it a superior choice for conveying tea. The aeromechanical conveyor is an ideal choice for moving larger volumes of sugar and it is a gentle conveyor which will minimize product degradation.

Read our case study on how we installed an aeromechanical conveyor to move sugar: Case Study 1013

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