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Conveyors vs. Forklift Trucks – Reduce Manual Handling

What is the best way to move material across your business? Are you using a forklift truck to move your products? A conveyor system may be a better solution for you!

A photo of two industrial conveyor systems

The forklift truck is one of the most common methods of moving product, especially in bulk bags, across the factory floor. This is because it is considered an efficient and low-cost method of moving things around facilities. However, when you consider the cost implications that are attached to hazards caused by forklifts they become less attractive price wise.

Hazards can include; damage to other equipment, damage to the product, injuries to the driver, injuries to other members of staff and unbalanced loads can tip over. With human error being the biggest contributor to hazards on factory floors, switching to a conveyor system to move your product will reduce manual handling and improve productivity! If this sounds like a win-win then a conveyor could be the choice for you!

Conveying Systems

A conveyor system won’t be late to work, will not take a sick day and can move your product efficiently, gently and hygienically. At Spiroflow we have one of the largest ranges of conveyor systems in our industry so we can fit the right type of conveyor to suit your application. We won’t just sell you one type of conveyor because that is all we make – we will sell you a solution that works!

Testing Your Product

All testing at Spiroflow is free and you can request a materials test whether you are a new or existing customer.  All our tests are carried out by qualified engineers and are intended to accurately reflect the conditions under which you will be using the equipment. We have a wide variety of equipment is our test bay so we want to simulate the conditions under which your material will be conveyed and we then provide you with a comprehensive report containing the results of the test. All of this is to help us provide you with the best possible bulk material handling solution.

Flexible Screw Conveyors

The flexible screw conveyor uses a spiral inside a tube to convey the product up the tube and even around corners. This conveyor is perfect for maintaining a continuous blend as the spiral constantly remixes as it conveys.

Flexible screw conveyors require very little maintenance with wear typically occurring when conveying abrasive products or if the tube is excessively bent. They can also be easily cleaned with an operator simply running it in reverse to empty material into a receptacle. FSCs can be stripped down in a few minutes and usually have an optional quick release and hygienic fitting to aid clean down. The screw can be removed from the tube so smooth surfaces can be cleaned and visually inspected.

In summary, flexible screw conveyors require little maintenance, are cost-effectively installed, dust-free and can convey a vast variety of dry material, hot or cold. This makes them an ideal choice for companies looking to invest in a low-cost mechanical conveying system.

Aeromechanical Conveyors

This conveyor operates with evenly spaced discs traveling at speed which creates an air stream to convey the product along with the discs.  This is one of the most efficient ways of conveying a fragile material such as coffee beans as it carefully conveys the product and reduces the risk of damage. It is also ideal for powders as it is completely dust free. It is easy to clean and made of stainless steel so it reduces flavor cross-contamination if it is used for different batches of material.

Tubular Drag With A Cable And Disc

The tubular drag conveyor also operates with a cable and disc, but unlike the aeromechanical conveyor which uses airflow, this conveyor drags the product along inside a tube. Hence why it is called a drag conveyor. This conveyor is also an excellent choice for conveying fragile materials as it is gentle so does not destroy the product during the conveying process. It is extremely hygienic, easy to clean, a totally enclosed system and with our rope tensioner or DART the cable life can be extended which will reduce breakdown costs.

Tubular Drag With A Chain And Disc

This operates in a  similar way to the cable and disc drag conveyor except the cable is replaced with a heavy duty chain.  It is more suited to hazardous materials or for outside applications where a more robust conveyor is required.

Want to find out more?

If you would like more information on how a conveyor system could help you reduce manual handling and improve efficiency then get in touch via our Contact Us Form today!

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