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Conveying Coffee -Choose the Right Conveyor

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Conveying Coffee -Choose the Right MechanicalConveyor

Are you looking for an application for conveying coffee? When conveying a product like coffee it is important to select the right mechanical conveyor. Most customers are looking for a quiet, efficient, hygienic and reliable conveyor system that will handle the coffee through every stage of the production and packaging processes in a dust-free way.

In this blog, we will weigh up the pros and cons of each mechanical conveyor and discuss how it operates to discern which conveyor is the best to choose when conveying coffee.

Spiroflow conveys coffee

Flexible Screw Conveyors

The flexible screw conveyor uses a spiral inside a tube to convey the product up the tube and even around corners. They are typically used to convey coffee beans or coffee granules. This conveyor is perfect for maintaining a continuous blend as the spiral constantly remixes as it conveys. However, it is not very gentle on a product like coffee beans which may break up as the spiral turns around. there are other more suitable conveyors for conveying coffee.

Aeromechanical Conveyors

Aero Mechanical Conveyor Fluidizes Material

This conveyor operates with evenly spaced discs traveling at speed which creates an air stream to convey the coffee along with the discs.  This is one of the most efficient ways of conveying a fragile material such as coffee beans as it carefully conveys the product and reduces the risk of damage. It is also ideal for ground coffee as it is completely dust free. It is easy to clean and made of stainless steel so it reduces flavor cross-contamination if it is used for different batches of coffee.

Read our case study on how we installed an aeromechanical conveyor for Excelso Coffee: Read case study 1002


Tubular Drag with a Cable and Disc

Spiroflow conveys coffee in cable drag conveyor

The tubular drag conveyor also operates with a cable and disc, but unlike the aeromechanical conveyor which uses air flow, this conveyor drags the product along inside a tube. Hence why it is called a drag conveyor. This conveyor is also an excellent choice for conveying coffee as it is gentle so does not destroy the product during the conveying process. So for something like coffee beans which are extremely fragile this conveyor would be perfect. It is extremely hygienic, easy to clean, a totally enclosed system and with our rope tensioner or DART the cable life can be extended which will reduce breakdown costs.

Read our case study on how we installed a tubular drag conveyor into Eight O’Clock Coffee: Read case study 1023

Tubular Drag with a Chain and Disc

This operates in a  similar way to the cable and disc drag conveyor except the cable is replaced with a heavy duty chain. This is not suitable for conveying coffee in any form as it is not a gentle conveyor and would damage the product. It is more suited to hazardous materials or for outside applications where a more robust conveyor is required.



At Spiroflow we have the broadest range of equipment in our industry so we can be truly objective when we advise you on which type of conveyor will work best for your product. We won’t just sell you a conveyor because that is all we make! We can also offer laboratory testing and machine trials before you buy.

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