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How much does a Bulk Bag Conditioner cost?

An operator working with conditioner

Have you wondered how much a bulk bag conditioner costs? Do you want to successfully break up compacted product but always thought it would be too expensive? There are several types of bulk bag conditioners and they all have customizable features depending on your product constraints.

Here at Spiroflow, we’ve been helping processors with their bulk material handling needs for more than 45 years. We know these machines well, we can offer the most comprehensive range of standard and custom unloading equipment in the industry.

Whether you want a manual or automated Bulk Bag Conditioner, you should expect a high-quality machine capable of conditioning compacted powdered products. This article details what a supplier will need to know from you in order to provide the best bulk bag conditioner design possible, for the right price.


Bulk Bag Conditioners are either manually operated or automated depending on what best suits the application. At Spiroflow we manufacture three types of Bulk Bag Conditioners: 1. Fixed Mast, Manual Operation 2. Movable Mast, Manual Operation 3. Movable Mast, Automated.

For more information on the difference between a fixed mast and a movable mast bulk bag conditioner click here.


When you’re speaking with an engineer or salesperson about your conditioning needs, you’ll likely be asked a wide range of questions because this will help the manufacturer narrow down the options necessary to provide you with the best solution for your process.

Will your product not reliably unload from the bulk bag?

What size bulk bag is your product stored in?

How compacted does your product become?

What size is the space where the machine will sit?


We have several options available for our bulk bag conditioners that may be suitable for your application:

  • Manual Turn Table: The bulk bag on a pallet is rotated 360° for 4-side bag conditioning
  • Automatic Turn Table: Automatically moves the bag on the turntable for conditioning of all sides.
  • Scissor Lift: Used with a fixed mast bulk bag conditioner. The manual or automatic operated scissor lift moves the bulk bag up and down.  As a result, this conditions at different levels of the bag.
  • Integration: The bulk bag conditioner integrates within the support framework of a bulk bag unloader or other process equipment.


Because of these features, the cost of any bulk bag conditioner depends largely on which options you choose to add to the design. Whether it is manual or automated, fixed or movable mast, or if you need a turntable. All of these factors can contribute to the overall price.


If you’re looking for more information on Bulk Bag Conditioners click here to learn more about our machines in action.  Finally, if there is anything we can help you with please get in contact with one of our knowledgeable sales staff.

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