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Fixed vs. Movable Mast Bulk Bag Conditioners

Spiroflow conditioner

When deciding between fixed vs. movable mast bulk bag conditioners for your material handling needs, it’s essential to understand the nuances that distinguish these two options. At Spiroflow, we specialize in providing innovative solutions tailored to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your operation. Let’s go over the benefits and applications of each type to ensure you make an informed decision that aligns with your specific requirements.

What Are Mast Bulk Bag Conditioners?

Mast bulk bag conditioners are industrial devices designed to loosen and condition compacted materials inside bulk bags, ensuring the contents are easily dispensed. They are essential for efficient material processing, especially because they can adapt to various industry needs.

Wondering which bulk bag conditioner suits your needs best? Debating between a fixed mast and a movable mast conditioner or whether to opt for automation or manual operation? Let us assist you! With over 45 years in the dry bulk material handling sector, Spiroflow is your expert in crafting bulk bag conditioners tailored to meet your requirements

Our fixed and movable mast bulk bag conditioners effectively break up the compacted ingredients arriving in bulk bags. Paired with top-notch conveyor belt solutions, we provide the ultimate results. 

Fixed Mast Bulk Bag Conditioners

Our manually operated fixed mast bulk bag conditioners have two arm poles kept at a fixed elevation while it is conditioning the powder. The design requires an operator to use a forklift or a hoist to move the full bulk bag between the polearms of the conditioner while it is conditioning. 

The bag is then raised or lowered between each actuation to break up the compacted material. The hydraulic drive system is controlled with the included manual lever switches. Therefore, this option is ideal for materials that require minor conditioning.

  • Fixed Mast Measurements – 50” L x 56” W x 78” H (1270mm x 1422mm x 1980mm)
  • Pole Height – 61” (1550mm) as Standard (Custom Pole Heights Available)
An operator working with conditioner

Movable Mast Bulk Bag Conditioners

Our movable mast bulk bag conditioner has polearms that move up and down to allow conditioning at various locations along the sides and corners of the bulk bag.  As a result, a forklift, hoist, or pallet jack is not required during conditioning. The movable mast bulk bag conditioner can be operated manually and also as part of automated conveyor technologies.

Initially, within an automated setup, the bulk bag is positioned onto a motorized roller flexible screw conveyor. It is then automatically fed into the conditioner, processed, and subsequently ejected from the conditioner for collection via a forklift or hoist. This automated process allows forklift operators to initiate the sequence without exiting their vehicle. Therefore, this method is highly recommended for handling materials that demand more rigorous conditioning.

  • Moveable Mast Measurements – 50” L x 56” W x 78” H (1270mm x 1422mm x 1980mm)
  • Mast Lifting Height – 5”- 66” (127mm – 1676mm) from ground to bottom of the carriage.
A Spiroflow conditioner

What Are the Similarities of These Two Options? 

Both our fixed mast and moveable mast bulk bag conditioners are made from carbon/ mild steel components with a carbon/ mild steel conditioning mechanism. They are also painted with Steel-It polyurethane. 

Furthermore, the polearms on both mast options are 3” (76mm) in diameter and 54” (1370mm) long with an inside clearance between 21” to 63” (533mm to 1600mm).  Also, both options have a clamping force of up to 3,500 PSI meaning the conditioners are effective in any application. All the following options can be applied to both the fixed and movable masts:

  • Manual Turn Table – Enables 360° rotation of a bulk bag placed on a pallet for comprehensive four-side conditioning.
  • Automatic Turn Table – Facilitates automatic rotation of the bag on the turntable, ensuring all sides are conditioned.
  • Scissor Lift – Designed for fixed mast bulk bag conditioners, this scissor lift, which can be operated manually or automatically, adjusts the bulk bag’s height to enable conditioning at various bag heights.
  • Integration – The bulk bag conditioner can be seamlessly incorporated into the supporting structure of a bulk bag unloader or similar processing equipment.
A Spiroflow conditioner

Fixed vs. Movable Mast Bulk Bag Conditioners – How to Choose the Option That Fits Your Process?

If you’re weighing the benefits of a fixed mast versus a movable mast bulk bag conditioner, the solution is straightforward – conduct a trial! Regardless of your choice, collaborating with one of the best conveyor manufacturers – Spiroflow, for a pre-testing of your material is advised. 

Our goal is to ensure that you select the appropriate equipment that meets your expectations. We’ll let you know other practical information you should have in mind, such as costs and how to troubleshoot common problems. Come and visit our testing facility to observe your material’s response to conditioning in action.

Spiroflow is one of the most reliable conveyor systems manufacturers on the market, and that’s why our team of approachable experts possesses extensive experience in the industry. Should you require any assistance or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!