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New hygienic Bulk Bag Discharger from Spiroflow

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In response to the dairy industry in particular but, equally well suited for pharmaceutical and some food applications, Spiroflow we launched an all new Bulk Bag Discharger. It is for critical applications where hygiene and/or rapid dismantling without tools are essential to avoid micro-biological growth and/or cross-contamination between batches.

The all new T11 model is manufactured entirely of stainless steel which can have a bead-blast or mirror polish finish. It can be completely striped down by two operatives in a matter of minutes and easily pressure-washed or manually cleaned/sterilised all over as there are no dead pockets. All electrical and pneumatic connections are interlocked to IP67, or better, dust/water ingress protection according to the application and cleaning regime.

A special hygienic design, safety tested bag lifting frame holds bags in place during discharge. The bag support arms on which this frame rests are spring loaded to stretch bag as it empties, thereby ensuring total discharge of the contents. We offer 3 types of bag massagers (side, base and corner) to promote flow from compacted bags or bags containing difficult materials.

A dust cabinet offers total containment during discharge. A large door and/or a glove box gives ready access for untying and re-tying of bag necks Horizontally opposed Vee-shaped pinch-bars ‘strangle’ the neck of neck bulk bag for safe untying and automated opening and closing of the bag. The pinch bars can only be operated with the access door closed or with hands removed from the glove box.

The Bulk Bag neck is clamped to the inlet of the transfer hopper within the dust cabinet by a pharmaceutical quality, dust-tight seal that is easy to remove, clean, reassemble and replace.

As stated above, all major components and fixtures and fittings are hand demountable without use of tools. Disassembly is an operator task, no technician is required. The discharger is easily dismantled and reassembled by two operators in minutes. Correct re-assembly is assured as mating parts are uniquely identified.

Option extras include CIP systems, bag liner removal directly into a compactor and integral HEPA filtration to maintain a negative pressure within the dust containment cabinet.

Construction of the discharger is from folded plate with no tight corner radii. The main frame is of open Z section construction with no dead spots or closed corners. It can be pressure washed or steam cleaned.

Discharge can be directly in to a process or packing machine below – or the discharger can be coupled to an integral conveyor to deliver material to a process or packing machine.

We confirm that the very nature of the design of their T11 discharger lends it to be readily tailored to meet the standards and specifications of individual customers and their applications. We would welcome the opportunity to elaborate on this!