Spiroflow at the PPMA Show 2019


Spiroflow at the PPMA Show 2019

We used the PPMA Total Show to promote our new innovative monitoring initiative known as Spiroflow Active Monitoring (SAM). The system remotely provides real time information on the performance of our complete machinery range.

SAM is able to automatically monitor customers’ equipment through sensor-based technology, thereby providing key performance related, safety and operational data. As an ‘upgrade’, the system is built into the standard electrical panel on Spiroflow’s machinery by an in-house team of skilled electrical engineers and connected remotely via 4G/5G or Wi-fi.

James Podevyn, said: “As an industry leader, it is important for us to embrace not only IIoT in all that we do, but also to support the private sector’s move towards industry 4.0. As an industry first, SAM will allow our customers to have unbiased facts at their fingertips allowing for an enhanced overview of equipment performance, together with the ability to quickly identify issues and rectify them.”

SAM was demonstrated on the TV behind our infamous Flexible Screw Conveyor, aka the Whirligig, live on stand. We simulated faults in the FSC to demonstrate the benefits fo the remote monitoring system. To learn more about SAM click here.

Craig demonstrating SAM on the Whirligig

In addition, we also showcased two new software initiatives – first is an exciting new Augmented Reality (AR) app, currently in development, which will help provide a unique visual engagement with Spiroflow’s equipment range; and secondly an auto quote system available on stand that provides a ballpark cost on a few key items of our machinery portfolio. The auto quote was a great success with us sending out quotes in less than an hour to potential customers who had just been on the stand. Don’t worry James was timing us – the first quote was done in just over 15 minutes!

Overall it was an excellent show and we were pleased to be back with PPMA after our 5-year hiatus! Watch this space for more exciting things coming from Spiroflow!