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Principles of FIBC Bulk Bag Filling: Design & Handling


In the world of modern logistics and material handling, you need to know all about the principles of FIBC bulk bag filling for design and handling. Let’s equip you with the knowledge needed to harness their full potential, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations. The principles of FIBC bulk bag filling […]

Filling – Why Choose Bulk Bags?

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No matter what the product – whether it is food or chemical, pharmaceutical or agricultural, it will need to be transported either to or from your facilities. The best option for transporting bulk solids and powders is in bulk bags or FIBCs. In this article, we will look at the positives of using bulk bags […]

High Speed Bulk Bag Filling – Pre-weighing

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Maximum bulk bagging rates are achieved by using a pre-weigh system. Pre-weighing refers to weighing the payload of product to be placed in a bulk bag in a separate bin or hopper above the bulk bag filling machine instead of weighing the product as it enters the bag. Pre-weighing eliminates the time required to precisely weigh […]

3 Ways to Reduce Dusting When Discharging Bulk Bags

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Looking for effective ways to reduce dusting when discharging bulk bags? You’re in the right place. Dusting can be a significant issue in bulk material handling, leading to increased cleanup efforts, reduced product yield, and higher operational costs. This article explores practical strategies and solutions, including advanced conveyor belt systems and bulk bag designs, to […]

High Speed Bulk Bag Filling – Preweighing Design Considerations

Product Conveying Balance A preweigh bulk bagging system capable of filling 40 bulk bag per hour must be ‘fed’ by the upstream production process and the system that conveys product to the bagging location, at the same rate – product in must equal product out. This can be accomplished in two ways: Often, the production […]

Bulk Bag Weighing Accuracy – 4 Critical Success Factors

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There are 4 critical factors that must be considered to achieve acceptable bulk bag weighing accuracy: For more information on improving the accuracy of your bulk bags get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team and to learn about how accurate bulk bag filling can affect your bottom line read our blog […]

How much product are you giving away for free in you bulk bags?

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Do you sell your product in bulk bags by a standard weight? Do you know how much product you are giving away for free? Do you sell your product in bulk bags? If you sell your dry bulk solid product in bulk bags according to a standard weight per bag, you are probably overfilling each bag […]