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Densifying bulk bag filler counts weeks not months for ROI

densifying bulk bag filler

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, so does demand for powdered food products and ingredients. The effect of this increased pressure on food manufacturers has resulted in a spike in orders for materials handling equipment, such as Spiroflow’s industry-leading Cone Table Elite (CTE) – a high speed densifying bulk bag filler solution that delivers the best […]

Bulk Bakery Ingredients – Choosing the Right Conveyor

A man pouring flour

Choosing the right conveyor for bulk bakery ingredients is a critical decision for bakery manufacturers aiming to enhance efficiency and product quality. In a landscape where automation is increasingly vital to address operational challenges, it’s important to have diverse equipment options available. Chris Brennan, a representative from Spiroflow, sheds light on the array of options […]

SAVE with SAM – Efficiency

Reduce disruption to operations and costly workarounds by monitoring efficiency and repairing assets before they fail. IoT has enabled manufacturers to experience a 28.5% average revenue increase according to TATA Consultancy services[1] This has been possible through the power of data and analytics in the right hands at the right time. Manufacturing equipment can be […]

SAVE with SAM – Visibility

Grain critical visibility at multiple levels of operation utilizing a wide range of sensory inputs. By connecting SAM to the PLC, Sam will actively monitor your equipment with feedback from a variety of sensors to give real-time data with situational awareness. SAM will give you up to date information on asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, equipment […]

SAVE with SAM – Awareness

Eliminate costly emergency service and reduce unnecessary unplanned preventative maintenance by moving to just-in-time maintenance. SAM gives you the ability to collect and analyse the data from your machines and develop a program for predictive maintenance. Previously, when a system failed it could result in costly unplanned downtime and routine inspections resulted in the change […]

SAVE with SAM – Safety

Be alerted to potential safety hazards before they arise. Receive critical information to enhance reporting on safety. Workplace safety is essential to achieving optimal operation, avoiding substantial production interruptions and most importantly, protecting employees. With SAM, sensors can connect you to the data the machine is producing and help you to be proactive about the […]

Practical Proactivity – A Cure for Blindness?

Free 40 Minute Health Check

The adjective ‘busy’ is derived from the noun ‘business’, Old English in origin (‘bisignes’, from Northumbria) and at its time defining “care, anxiety, occupation”. This definition may seem obsolete, but these three facets are actually rather aligned to the world of work in which we live. Being in the fortunate position to have experienced growth […]

Product Challenges: Product Degradation

In this blog series, we are looking at the most common challenges our customers have with their products, today’s blog will focus on the topic of product degradation. Degradation occurs as the product is being moved through the system and the particles are constantly in contact. Therefore the material breaks down which can result in a […]