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Snack Foods – Convey Fragile Material

snack food gentle conveying

Product damage caused by the transport of friable materials during processing is a huge — and costly — concern for manufacturers of many kinds of food, industrial and consumer products. Spiroflow has answered the call with its versatile line of enclosed cable conveyor & disc conveyor systems. Proven to gently convey more than 900 different […]

Conveyors vs. Forklift Trucks: Reduce Manual Handling

Flexible screw conveyor motor

Are you still relying on forklift trucks to transport products across your premises and wondering if there is a better way to move the material? It might be time to consider advanced conveyor technologies as a superior alternative. When it comes down to comparing conveyors vs. forklift trucks – here’s how you can make a […]

Conveying Chocolate, Cocoa Powder & Cocoa Beans

Conveying chocolate an cocoa beans

Challenges in Conveying Chocolate Chocolate is a delicate and often expensive product and must be conveyed gently to preserve the integrity of the product especially if the conveyor is to be used at the end of the process before packaging. Degradation can also occur at the beginning of the process as the cocoa beans are […]

Conveying Nuts – Peanuts/ Almonds / Pecans / etc.

Conveying nuts

Are you looking for a method of conveying nuts that will minimize product degradation and increase productivity? Then read this blog post about how a Spiroflow conveyor will gently convey nuts in a safe and reliable manner. Whether you need to move peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts or even peanut butter, we have a conveyor […]