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Highest Accuracy ‘Spirofil’ Big Bag Filler Yet – For Nanotubes

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Introducing the highest accuracy ‘Spirofil’ Big Bag Filler yet for nanotubes, this cutting-edge solution sets new standards in precision and efficiency. Tailored to meet the unique challenges of handling ultra-fine materials, our latest innovation ensures optimal filling accuracy, minimizing waste and maximizing productivity for nanotube applications.

Spiroflow Has Been Selected to Supply the Highest Accuracy ‘Spirofil’ Big Bag Filler Yet – For Nanotubes Manufacturer Nanocyl 

We are delighted to have been entrusted to supply our highest accuracy ever ‘Spirofil’ Big Bag Filler to the world’s first industrial-scale Nanotube manufacturing facility in Sambreville, Belgium. The customer, Nanocyl S.A., considered other suppliers too, but the Project Engineer, Michel Wattiaux, and Process Inventor, Christoph Bossout, were convinced by our guarantees of accuracy. Monsieur Wattiaux has also had an earlier, positive relationship with us and our local agent whilst working previously for a major Belgian chemical company. The order was secured with the assistance of PHC International, our experienced and well-respected agent in Belgium.

We’ve Provided Custom-Made Solutions to Meet Nanocyl’s Requirements

Traditionally, for most industrial applications, we offer big bag fillers with weighing platforms using weigh scales or load cells, typically achieving accuracies of +/- 2lb. To meet the Nanocyl requirement of a weighing resolution accuracy of +/- 0.7 ounces, our engineers decided to adopt the ‘hang-weighing’ principle on this occasion, and they’ve achieved total success. 

This meant that the highly sensitive load cells could be mounted high up in the structure of the filler out of harm’s way. Not only does the ‘Spirofil’ big bag filler weigh the contents of big bags, but it is so accurate that it is also used to fill 4.5 lb bags! Naturally, accuracy is particularly critical when you are handling such a high-value product.

How Does ‘Spirofil’ Big Bag Filler Operate?

Big bag filling takes place under a nitrogen blanket. A folded, flat bag is rigged onto the big bag filler and then the bag is inflated with nitrogen. Given that the ambient air around the filler is 78% nitrogen (by volume) anyway, the displaced nitrogen is vented through a special filter unit into the atmosphere.

During filling, the base of the big bag filler intermittently rises to vibrate the bag – it then lowers to allow weighing to continue. The bag is given a final vibration once the target weight has been achieved and recorded. This vibration is critical to ensure that the contents of each bag are consolidated to render the bags in a stable and safe condition for handling and storage.

Control Box Contains High-Accuracy Weighing System

The controls were designed and manufactured at our factory, where we have a dedicated team of electrical engineers and technicians. The heart of the control box is a high-accuracy weighing instrument that receives signals from the high-sensitivity, high-accuracy load cells. These support the bag hanging frame, complete with its quick-release bag loop hooks. The weighing instrument is connected to a printer so that batch records can be made and kept.

The ‘Spirofil’ big bag filler has been in operation since May 2007 and, according to Nanocyl’s production representative, “It is an excellent machine, tailor-made for us to our exact specification by Spiroflow and it has performed to our entire satisfaction. Indeed, we are very pleased with it.”

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Nanocyl Is a Leader in the Carbon Nanotubes Industry

Founded in 2002, Nanocyl aimed to be the premier manufacturer of specialty and industrial Carbon Nanotubes worldwide. Presently, it stands as a major industry player, boasting a production capability exceeding 40 tonnes annually, with plans for further expansion to accommodate rising customer demand. Nanocyl’s workforce includes 40 individuals stationed at its Belgium facility and across offices in the US, while its presence in the Asia-Pacific region is established through a partnership network spanning South Korea, Japan, India, and China.

The company produces a range of Carbon Nanotubes, from single-walled nanotubes to double-walled and multiwalled versions. The preferred manufacturing technology is catalytic carbon vapor deposition (CCVD), which is currently best adapted to large-scale production. Nanocyl commercializes its products in the form of powders, pellets, liquid dispersions, and films. To learn more about Nanocyl, its products, and applications, be sure to visit its website.

What Is a Carbon Nanotube?

A “Carbon Nanotube” is cylindrical in shape, constructed from carbon, and its diameter is on the nanometer scale. A nanometer equals one-billionth of a meter or roughly one ten-thousandth the thickness of human hair. 

Its graphite layer resembles a rolled-up mesh of chicken wire, with a hexagonal pattern and carbon atoms positioned at the hexagons’ vertices. Carbon Nanotubes vary in structure, with differences in their length, thickness, helicity type, and layer count.

Though all are made from the same type of graphite sheet, their electrical properties can vary, making them act as either metals or semiconductors based on their specific structure. The diameter of Carbon Nanotubes can be less than 1 nm and up to 50 nm, while their length generally spans several microns. However, advancements have extended this to lengths in the centimeter range.

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Reach Out to Spiroflow for Top-Quality ‘Spirofil’ Big Bag Fillers

For industry-leading precision and efficiency in your bulk handling needs, look no further than Spiroflow’s ‘Spirofil’ big bag fillers. As a pioneer in the field, Spiroflow is dedicated to providing conveyor solutions that enhance productivity, minimize waste, and ensure the highest quality of material handling. Whether you’re dealing with delicate nanotubes or robust industrial materials, our custom-made industrial conveyor systems are designed to meet the most demanding requirements. 

Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge conveyor engineering and expert engineering can revolutionize your bulk filling processes, setting new standards in accuracy and reliability. Let Spiroflow be your partner in achieving operational excellence.


What Makes the ‘Spirofil’ Big Bag Filler Ideal for Nanotubes?

The ‘Spirofil’ big bag filler is tailored for nanotubes, ensuring high precision and productivity. Its design caters to the delicate handling of ultra-fine materials, significantly reducing waste and enhancing efficiency. This innovation is a testament to Spiroflow’s commitment to meeting the unique challenges of nanotube applications with unmatched accuracy.

How Did Spiroflow Customize the Big Bag Filler for Nanocyl?

Spiroflow developed a custom solution for Nanocyl, implementing a ‘hang-weighing’ principle for unprecedented accuracy of +/- 0.7 ounces. This method allows highly sensitive load cells to be placed securely within the filler’s structure, making it versatile enough to fill both large bags and smaller 4.5 lb bags with precision, essential for handling high-value products like nanotubes.

How Does the ‘Spirofil’ Big Bag Filler Operate?

The operation involves a nitrogen blanket to prevent contamination, with a special filter venting displaced nitrogen. The filler vibrates the bag for content consolidation, ensuring stability for safe handling and storage. This process is critical for maintaining the high quality of nanotubes throughout the filling and subsequent handling stages.

What Features Are Included in the Control Box?

The control box is equipped with a high-accuracy weighing system, designed and manufactured by Spiroflow’s skilled engineers. It includes high-sensitivity load cells for support and a printer for batch record keeping. This setup underscores Spiroflow’s emphasis on precision and reliability in every aspect of the big bag filler’s operation.

Why Choose Spiroflow for Your Bulk Handling Needs?

Spiroflow stands out for its dedication to innovation, efficiency, and quality in bulk handling solutions. The ‘Spirofil’ big bag fillers exemplify this commitment, especially for high-precision applications like nanotubes. Spiroflow’s expertise in engineering custom-made conveyor solutions ensures operational excellence for its clients, making the company a go-to partner for industry-leading bulk filling processes.