T9-CV Total Containment Unloader

Spiroflow has developed the T9-CV bulk bag unloader for applications where products handled in bulk bags are fine, powdery and invasive and total containment during unloading in necessary to prevent contamination of the local atmosphere. The T9-CV bulk bag and super sack unloader is also the natural unloading choice when your product is volatile, toxic or explosive.

It is important to ensure total discharge of product from the bulk bag when an invasive powder is being unloaded to prevent the escape of material when the emptied bag is removed. For this reason, the Model T9-CV has bag massagers at the corners of the bag as well as the base. An optional patented pneumatic bulk bag tensioner and the standard inner liner clamp prevent creases from forming during unloading which can trap residual material.

Height adjustment for bulk bags and super sacks of different sizes is provided as well as a lifting frame locator for correct alignment of the unloader with a process vessel or other equipment where the material is being unloaded. This feature enhances product containment.


  • Sealing device for bottom spout
  • Variable height adjustment for different sizes of bulk bags
  • Static grounding system with FIBC resistance monitoring
  • Corner massagers


The T9-CV Bulk Bag Unloader is designed for the total containment of hazardous, explosive or toxic products.  It can be configured for unloading by volume or weight.  It can also include an integral bag hoist.

The BASE FRAMEWORK is designed for the contained discharge of bulk bags.  It is of all welded construction with a bag support dish that will accommodate any bottom-spout bulk bag.  The bag spout passes through the middle of the dish where it can be accessed.  The bulk bag provides an additional seal against the support dish for dust-free operation.  Heavy-duty 3″ (80 mm) square steel tube frame is welded directly to the support dish.

The CONTAINMENT ENCLOSURE is welded directly to the bulk bag unloader support dish complete with one door in front with polycarbonate viewing panels and a 4” (100 mm) diameter dust extraction spigot fitted to the rear of the containment enclosure for connecting to the client’s dust extraction system.

The LINER CLAMP & DOWNSPOUT is positioned inside the containment enclosure.  The stainless steel moving clamp and fixed position downspout facilitate the clamping of the bulk bag liner to the hygienic bag spout. The pneumatically operated clamp is retracted down to interface with the hygienic bag spout. The operation of the moving clamp is by a double button control box, 5” (125 mm) wide, mounted to the front center of the unit and below the containment enclosure.

This bulk bag unloader can incorporate a number of design options in order to provide maximum versatility and ease of use.

Process Steps

  1. A bulk bag of product is fitted with the Bag Lifting Frame.
  2. The operator lifts the bulk bag into place with a forklift.
  3. The Lifting Frame sits on the Side Tensioning Frame.
  4. The weight of the bag compresses the springs & the bottom of the bulk bag rests on the Support Dish.
  5. With the weight of the bag safely supported, the operator can now freely access the bottom spout of the bag.
  6. The operator will untie the outer bag and, if the bag is lined, he/she will place the liner into the hygienic bag spout and the outer bag over the hygienic bag spout chute.
  7. The operator will then press the two-handed safety switches to lower the retaining ring down onto the hygienic bag spout chute.
  8. Once the retaining ring is fully lowered, the inflatable ring will inflate and provide a dust-tight seal.
  9. The operator will then close the untie chamber door and actuate the spout closure bars to the open position.  Material will begin to discharge from the bulk bag.


The T9-CV bulk bag unloader is one of several designs we offer.  Features of our various models are typically mixed and matched to accommodate specific application needs.  And, of course, we regularly build custom designs.  Here is a list of our basic models.  Your Spiroflow Sales Engineer will evaluate your needs and recommend the best configuration to do the job.

T1Entry level basic frame design available in the UK & Europe
T2For unloading by volume
T3For loss-in-weight unloading
T4For unloading single trip bags
T5For discharging in low headroom areas
T6Includes an integral hoist when a forklift truck is not available to load/unload bags into/out of the bulk bag unloader
T7For unloading multiple types of containers including bulk bags, rigid bins & boxes/octabins
T8For USDA/3A applications
T9-CVFor total containment when handling volatile or explosive materials
T10 & T11For pharmaceutical applications
Flo StyleFlo Style unloaders, from our purchase of Control & Metering, have a 40º or 60º sloped hopper that supports & shapes the bag for ease of discharge. Pulse vibration, instead of massage paddles, is used to induce material flow. The bag is kept elongated via gravity throughout discharge. It can be configured as a T2, T3, T4 or T6.

Check out our Bulk Bag Unloader Comparison Chart 

This document compares our bulk bag unloader offerings based on design options.  Of course, our engineers will assess your application needs & recommend the optimal design.


Before purchasing a bulk bag unloader always ask these key questions:

  • Will the bulk bag unloader accept varying bag sizes?
  • Will the bulk bag unloader handle poor flowing products?
  • Is there a forklift available or is an integral hoist needed?
  • Does the bulk bag unloader provide a controlled flow when the spout is opened?
  • Does the bulk bag unloader have a bag tensioning device to ensure all product is discharged?
  • Is discharge of the bag contents required by weight or by volume?
  • Is there provision for restraining and/or removing the inner liner?
  • Is an integral take-off conveyor required?
  • Is there a height restriction?
  • Is there a way to empty small bags in case the bulk bag supply of material is interrupted?
  • Does your plant require a hygienic bulk bag unloader or USDA/FDA approved equipment?
  • What dust control features are incorporated into the bulk bag unloader?
    • When untying the bag spout
    • While the product is being discharged
    • When the inner liner is being removed
    • When the bag is removed and folded for disposal
  • Is the product or environment hazardous?
  • Is static grounding and monitoring required?
  • Is the environment covered by NEC regulations?



Check out our Bulk Bag Unloader Comparison Chart 

This document compares our bulk bag unloader offerings based on design options.  Of course, our engineers will assess your application needs & recommend the optimal design.