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September Technical Eshot – Cable Vs. Chain Drag Conveyors

HERE IS THE TRUTH ABOUT TUBULAR DRAG CONVEYORS One is not “better” than the other. The choice depends on the variables of your application. Both of our Chainflow & Cablevey tubular drag conveyors can transfer hot, cold, dry, hygroscopic or temperature sensitive materials. At Spiroflow we know productivity matters, that’s why for nearly 50 years we’ve offered […]

Materials Best Conveyed by Drag Chain Conveyors

A disc drag chain conveyor

What are the best materials for drag chain conveyors? Running the proper materials decreases down time and increases productivity, because the conveyor is operating at its full potential. We’ll talk more about that in this blog.

There are two types of drag chain conveyors out there – structural and non-structural. At Spiroflow we manufacture both. In order to keep things simple, we will only talk about heavy-duty non-structural drag chain conveyors such as our Chainflow conveyor. We talk about ultra-heavy duty structural drag conveyors in this post.

Overcoming Drag Chain Conveyor Problems and Ensure Smooth Operations

A drag chain conveyor

A tubular drag chain conveyor can be an important part of a process. If they’re not running like they’re supposed to, or not at all, then they’re not doing anyone any good. At Spiroflow, we’ve been in the dry bulk material handling industry for more than 45 years and we are proud of our work and our conveyors. We want our conveyors to run well, just like you do. That’s why we are writing about keeping your conveyors moving.

How Much Does A Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor Cost?

Tubular conveyor outlet

How much does a tubular drag chain conveyor cost? We get that question on a regular basis because we’ve been manufacturing these conveyors for customers around the world for years. It’s a great question too because the cost of this type of conveyor can vary quite widely depending on a number of factors. There isn’t a simple answer about the cost because it depends on your individual situation. The material you’re conveying and the requirements of your particular application impact the price. In this article, we will share all the elements that go into designing a drag chain conveyor so you can understand the variables for yourself.