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Innovative Bulk Bagging Solution Extends Bulk Ingredient Storage Life

Spiroflow's bulk bagging solution

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, many industries were grappling with supply chain disruptions and increased demand. Shoppers struggled to find some grocery items, even after visiting multiple stores. To address this challenge, manufacturers need to boost production and packaging capacity. That’s where our innovative bulk bagging solution comes along, as it extended storage life achieved through nitrogen purging.

What Is Nitrogen Purging?

Nitrogen purging is a cutting-edge technique employed by Spiroflow’s bulk bag-filling equipment, a company renowned for its expertise in industrial conveyor systems. This method involves the integration of foil or plastic bag liners and the application of a nitrogen purge in conjunction with heat-sealing. 

The outcome is a remarkable extension of the shelf life for stored products. This process is especially advantageous for belt conveyor manufacturers in sectors such as nuts, seeds, coffee beans, dried fruits, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, all of which stand to gain from the prolonged preservation of their products.

Understanding the Nitrogen Purging Process

Spiroflow UK’s Managing Director, James Podevyn, explains it like this: “Traditionally, during the bag filling, the bag would be inflated with air before filling commences. Filling it with nitrogen instead eliminates any oxygen within the bag. Also, after filling, the bag can be left inflated or vacuumed, then heat-sealed, therefore, no air can get in or out. 

Bacteria feed on oxygen, so by removing it, products can last longer, and shelf life will be increased. A leading peanut manufacturer and Spiroflow customer said they could prove with confidence less than 1% oxygen was in the bag after using the nitrogen purging process.” Conveying nuts with the best belt conveyor system and using nitrogen during the filling process will give you the best results. 

The bulk bag dusting handling

Extending Ingredient Storage During COVID-19

Catalina, a specialist in in-store marketing and digital media, reported a shift in consumer behavior, with fewer trips to grocery, drug, and convenience stores but increased spending per visit. As a result, extending the shelf life of products is now vital for both grocery stores and consumers who are stocking up on essential items. This transformation in purchasing behavior has rippled through the supply chain, impacting packaging lines and creating a demand for solutions that ensure products remain fresh and viable.

Addressing Supply Chain Disruptions With Spiroflow’s Enhanced Bagging Process

This change in purchasing behavior has impacted warehouse storage requirements, leaving manufacturers with ingredients ready for production but unable to keep up with consumer packaging demands. The same goes for conveyor systems manufacturers – they have to modify the way they operate. 

Spiroflow’s Podevyn notes, “Our enhanced bagging process could benefit any product with a limited shelf life, sensitivity to air exposure, or hygroscopic properties. The application extends beyond food and pharmaceuticals, and we’re excited to see how this innovation can transform a wide range of businesses, including the operation of a conveyor belt system.”

Experience Cost Savings With Bulk Bags

Besides top-notch conveyor belt solutions, Spiroflow offers two types of bulk bag fillers to cover different volume needs. For low to medium-volume applications, the C Series filters are modular and can be scaled up as production requirements change. 

The Cone Table Elite (CTE) Bulk Bag Filler, on the other hand, includes a densification system that enhances bag stability and filling quantity. This makes it suitable for high-volume filling or when densifying is essential. Increasing densification reduces shipping costs and enhances cost efficiency. Moreover, the added stability of the bags makes them safer to handle and ship, potentially reducing overall expenses.

Filler C series

Leading the Way in Powder Handling Solutions With Spiroflow

Spiroflow designs a variety of specialized conveyor belt systems, but we’re widely known for our powder handling systems as well. These include specialized conveyor solutions and conveyor belts with top-notch bulk bag handling equipment for food, chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical, and other process industries. Among many solutions, Spiroflow’s extensive line includes:

Seize the Opportunity of Spiroflow’s Innovative Bulk Bagging Solution

The innovative bulk bagging solution offered by Spiroflow presents a game-changing opportunity for industries grappling with supply chain disruptions, such as the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s technical and engineering expertise has led to it developing an international reputation for an unrivaled range of products with state-of-the-art control systems. Contact us today and let our conveyor technologies elevate your manufacturing process.