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Lime Dosing System Showcased

White powder up-close

Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or new to the world of material handling, you may be interested in the lime dosing system showcased. Spiroflow Ltd is a leader in the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of powder handling and processing equipment and systems. We have factories in the UK, USA, and India.

Powder Handling and Processing Systems from Spiroflow Ltd

For numerous years now, Spiroflow has supplied complete storage, handling, and processing systems, such as industrial conveyor systems. Several have been supplied to repeat customers who are pleased with the longevity and operation of Spiroflow equipment and who have first-hand experience with Spiroflow’s technical capabilities. These capabilities have been expanded, and now, more and more, existing and new customers are relying on Spiroflow to handle their turnkey systems. Spiroflow’s in-house electrical control design and manufacturing resources are important in convincing customers of their ability to handle large and complex projects. Many of these systems have to comply with ATEX regulations.

Spiroflow headquarters

The Lime Dosing System Showcased

The skid-mounted system Spiroflow developed for a customer in another country perfectly illustrates what it can provide. The customer recently requested a second system because they were so happy with the first one when they received it back in 2008. Before being used in an upstream process, it is intended to enable the safe, effective, dependable, and precise sack tipping, conveying, storing, and dosing of Hydrated Lime (Calcium Hydroxide) into a liquid stream.

The system comprises the following:

  • Sack tip station – Fitted with a reverse-jet filter system to efficiently manage dust.
  • Sifter – Positioned under the sack tip station, it removes unwanted lumps or foreign materials.
  • Tubular drag conveyor – Facilitates the smooth transfer of the product from the sifter into a storage silo.
  • Aluminum silo – This part is installed atop load cells, which offer vital functionality. This includes enabling control over the silo emptying rate and two important alerts. These alerts are a notification when the silo reaches full capacity and a reminder to replenish the silo when necessary.
  • Level probe – Installed as a safety measure, it automatically halts the filling process in case the ‘silo full’ alert is disregarded, ensuring operational safety and efficiency.

Advanced Control of the Calcium Hydroxide Silo’s Discharge System

The calcium hydroxide silo’s discharge is managed by a metering feeder. This feeder’s output depends on the silo’s loss-in-weight monitoring. Its speed is adjusted with an inverter. Discharge rates, set manually on the control panel, vary between 0.85 and 3.53 per hour based on the process requirements. The technology is particularly made to only turn on when the silo has enough material in it. This ensures the proper conditioning of the liquid stream at the rate determined by the control panel.

Integrating Arch Breakers in the Spiroflow Dosing System

Calcium hydroxide is injected into the circulating liquid through an educator from the metering screw. This process occurs as heavy-duty pumps recirculate the liquid from a sizable tank located adjacent to the Spiroflow dosing system. Additionally, the system’s controls are designed to prevent material dosing until the liquid pumps are active. To ensure consistent material flow, especially from contents that may have compacted during long-term storage, the silo is equipped with arch breakers. These arch breakers activate automatically whenever a decrease in material flow is detected.

Adapting the Dosing System for Extreme Outdoor Conditions

The dosing system, located outdoors, faces several environmental challenges. It operates in temperatures as low as -25°C and as high as +37°C, with extremes down to -35°C possible. Humidity levels vary from 54% to 83%, and the area is classified as hazardous, rated ‘Zone 2 Eexd IIB T4.’ Internal heating is used to regulate these conditions in the control panels, their protective cases, and the vibratory motors of the sifter. This is crucial, especially when temperatures drop below -15°C, as the system must be pre-heated to an optimal temperature before operation.

A safe system for unloading, conveying, and storing Hydrated Lime

Spiroflow’s Diverse Conveyor Solutions and Bulk Bag Handling

Spiroflow pioneered the development of the Flexible Screw Conveyor, with which their name is now synonymous. ‘One size does not fit all’ so, accordingly, over the years, the company has added other types of conveyor technologies to its portfolio. Today, Spiroflow offers four distinct types of mechanical conveyor belts and vacuum conveyor belt systems. The latest addition to their range is two types of tubular drag conveyors. One is for the gentle handling of extruded foodstuffs and the other is for heavy-duty chemical and power generation applications. Their involvement in bulk bag discharging and filling is a natural extension of their conveying activities, and, today, Spiroflow offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of bulk bag handling equipment in the business.

State-of-the-Art Test Centre for Customer Assurance

Like any company in the powder handling industry worth its salt, Spiroflow has a comprehensive Test Centre in which customers can witness trials of their product. These trials not only confirm that the required conveying rates can be achieved but also that the chosen conveyor belt system can handle fragile products with little or no damage – for applications where that is an issue. When it is impractical for customers to visit the Spiroflow Test Centre, live video links can be set up, or the tests can be videoed and sent to the customer over the web. The Test Centre now boasts two new tubular drag conveyor test units.

Experience the Difference with Spiroflow

Ready to enhance your operations with a robust and efficient dosing system from belt conveyor manufacturers? Don’t let environmental challenges hold you back. Discover how Spiroflow’s advanced conveyor solutions can revolutionize your material handling needs. Contact our expert team now for personalized advice and conveyor belt solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Take the first step towards optimized efficiency – reach out to Spiroflow today!