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Q&A With Jeannette Carter, Regional Sales Manager – 20th Work Anniversary at Spiroflow

Jeannette Carter, Spirflow's Regional Sales Manager

In our latest Q&A with Jeannette Carter, Regional Sales Manager at Spiroflow, we celebrate her 20th anniversary with the company and dive deep into her extensive journey. She shares insights on the evolution of this company, the importance of continuous learning, and the impact of fostering strong customer relationships. Join us as we explore the milestones and experiences that have shaped her career and contributions to this industry.

Jeannette Carter, Spiroflow’s Regional Sales Manager, talked about her significant journey and the milestones achieved during her tenure. She looked back at the company’s success, highlighting how its family-oriented approach and commitment to employee development have been key to navigating through industry challenges. Reflecting on her experiences, she emphasized the importance of adapting to change and the value of fostering a supportive work environment. Her story completely underscores Spiroflow’s dedication to innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction. Let’s see what she had to say.

Q: What did you do work-wise before joining Spiroflow?

A: Before my current role at Spiroflow, I initially joined the team back in 1991 for about six months before venturing into opening a shop with my sister-in-law. In 1999, looking for more stability, especially with a young family, I stumbled back into Spiroflow’s path. That is when Cathy Podevyn contacted me about a position after being listed as a reference.

Q: What was your first position at the company?

A: I started in an admin role supporting the sales team, stepping in for someone on maternity leave. Soon after, I found myself quickly adapting to a full-time role due to unforeseen circumstances. I immersed myself in the world of a conveyor belt system and flexible screw conveyor.

Q: Promotional journey/position now?

A: From sales administration, I moved into export sales support. Then, I became the office manager. Thereafter, I was a service and after-sales manager before landing my current role as regional sales manager for the north-west. Our focus, as one of the leading conveyor systems manufacturers, is on making the best conveyor belt solutions.

Q: How have your responsibilities changed?

A: With each new role came more responsibility. Spiroflow has always encouraged a proactive approach, allowing me to grow and voice my opinions, particularly about conveyor technologies.

Q: Experience/notable industry accreditations?

A: Earning a Nebosh qualification was a highlight for me, thanks to Spiroflow’s investment in our development. This has been crucial in my fieldwork, especially when assessing industrial conveyor systems and their compliance with market requirements.

Q: How has the business changed?

A: Spiroflow has remained family-oriented and supportive, even through tough times. We’ve managed to keep our team intact, often through collective efforts to manage downturns. I firmly believe that we have a very bright and exciting future ahead of us.

Q: Your more memorable moments?

A: Gaining my Nebosh qualification was a good achievement. Going back to education later in life gave the qualification more meaning, and I desperately wanted to succeed and pass. Then, my first order in a new sales role was a high point. Recently, securing one of Spiroflow’s largest orders via an existing customer was right up there!

Q: Funniest thing to happen in the past 20 years?

A: We’ve shared many laughs, especially around social events and Christmas parties. It’s these moments of team bonding that have been particularly memorable.

Q: What do you want to achieve going forward?

A: I’m focused on maintaining our strong relationships in the northwest and ensuring our conveyor belt systems and solutions continue to meet our client’s needs. Alongside this, I plan on continuing to work on my self-development so I can continue to be an asset to the company.

Q: What are your hopes for women in engineering and Spiroflow’s contribution to inclusivity?

Spiroflow has been an incredible place to work. Despite being approached by others, my commitment remains with Spiroflow, especially as we navigate the traditionally male-dominated engineering sector. It’s rewarding to challenge perceptions and build key relationships, many of which have become cornerstone accounts. The industry’s shift towards more inclusive engineering roles is promising, and I look forward to seeing more women in these positions.

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