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Bulk Bakery Ingredients – Choosing the Right Conveyor

A man pouring flour

Choosing the right conveyor for bulk bakery ingredients is a critical decision for bakery manufacturers aiming to enhance efficiency and product quality. In a landscape where automation is increasingly vital to address operational challenges, it’s important to have diverse equipment options available. Chris Brennan, a representative from Spiroflow, sheds light on the array of options […]

Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors vs. Aero Mechanical Conveyors

Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors vs. Aero Mechanical Conveyors (AMCs) – which is best? Are you looking to see which conveyor is best, Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors vs. Aero Mechanical Conveyors?  Spiroflow has been at the forefront of the bulk material handling industry for more than 48  years, selling both types of conveyors. In this short article, we […]

Conveying flour – Choose the Right Conveyor

Conveying Flour

If you are looking to convey flour in your factory process and you are unsure which conveyor will be right then read our guide to choosing the right conveyor below. Flour is a powder product which is made by grinding raw grains and roots and is then used to make a final product such as […]

Conveyors vs. Forklift Trucks: Reduce Manual Handling

Flexible screw conveyor motor

Are you still relying on forklift trucks to transport products across your premises and wondering if there is a better way to move the material? It might be time to consider advanced conveyor technologies as a superior alternative. When it comes down to comparing conveyors vs. forklift trucks – here’s how you can make a […]

Conveying Cereal: Choose the Right Conveyor

conveying cereal

Challenges When Conveying Cereal: One of the biggest challenges faced when conveying cereal is the degradation of the final product. No matter the core ingredient, cereal is often shaped into puffs or loops so ensuring they arrive undamaged into the packaging is of top concern.  Another challenge that must be overcome when choosing a conveyor […]

Conveying Tea – Choose the Right Conveyor

Tea can come in many forms before it is packaged or processed such as loose leaf tea or instant powdered tea. The type of tea you are looking to convey could affect which type of conveyor will be most suitable for your application. At Spiroflow we have the broadest range of conveying equipment on the […]

Conveying Nuts – Peanuts/ Almonds / Pecans / etc.

Conveying nuts

Are you looking for a method of conveying nuts that will minimize product degradation and increase productivity? Then read this blog post about how a Spiroflow conveyor will gently convey nuts in a safe and reliable manner. Whether you need to move peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts or even peanut butter, we have a conveyor […]

Product Challenges: Cleanability

Different equipment requires different cleanability requirements and this will depend on your process. Whether you require food grade hygienic equipment or just standard cleaning requirements at Sprifolow we understand that cleanability is a top requirement. All our conveyors have cleanability options and which conveyor is best will depend on your application. Conveying in the food industry […]

Brewing & Distilling – What are the Best Conveyor Options?

Unloading bags

Brewers and distillers of all sizes need to move malt to create beer and the best way to move the product with minimal manual handling is with a mechanical conveyor. At Spirolfow we have the broadest product range in our industry and we can advise on which conveyor will be most suitable to your application. […]

Aero mechanical Conveyors – Caring For Your Rope and Discs

In this blog, we will discuss maintaining an Aero mechanical conveyor rope and discs and how to care for them. The rope and disc is the essential part of the aero mechanical conveyor as it moves at high speed to create an air flow which fluidises product. While we aim to provide advice for troubleshooting common […]