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Conveying Carbon Black – Best Conveyors

conveying carbon black

Conveying Carbon Black – Best Conveyors

Carbon black is made by the incomplete combustion of petroleum and is used as a pigment colouring agent. It can come in powder or pellet form and is considered possibly carcinogenic which means that choosing the right conveyor is essential.

Powdered carbon black is a fluffy submicron powder and consists of small particles and has a low bulk density. It can be a challenge to convey due to it caking or packing and controlling the dust emissions is a priority.

The other form of carbon black is in pellet form which has large particles and therefore a higher bulk density. It can be easier to handle than the powder form but they can be prone to breaking up and causing further dust emissions.

conveying carbon black powder

As it is considered possibly carcinogenic protective equipment must be worn by any operators but the majority of the dust could be controlled with the correct conveying system.

Choosing the right conveyor:

When conveying pellets of carbon black the key is to protect the pellets from damage as much as possible during conveying. Furthermore, an airtight conveyor is needed for containing the potentially carcinogenic dust. An aero mechanical conveyor is a gentle conveyor but also fully dust tight.

An aero mechanical conveyor is also suitable for conveying carbon black in powdered form.  The rapidly moving airstream moves the material through the conveyor, giving it little chance to cake and pack. When using an aeromechanical conveyor, consideration needs to be given to preventing caking and packing of the material at the infeed area of the conveyor.

Aero mechanical conveyor

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