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Conveying Carbon Black – Best Conveyors for Powder and Pellets

conveying carbon black

When considering conveying carbon black and the best conveyors for that particular job, it’s important to understand the challenges. We should get in-depth about both the unique properties of carbon black as a material and the specific requirements for its effective transportation. What Is Carbon Black And What Is It Used For? Carbon black is […]

Aero Mechanical vs. Pneumatic Conveyors – Conveyor Showdown

aero mechanical vs. pneumatic conveyors

Should I use aero mechanical conveyors or pneumatic vacuum conveyors? Which are better?

If these are questions you’ve found yourself asking, you’ve come to the right place. We get asked these questions all the time about our various conveyors, and we love to help answer these questions for our clients.

Here at Spiroflow, we’ve been in the bulk material handling industry for more than 45 years and we have sold both types of conveyors over the years. Given our experience, we find that aero mechanical conveyors are often a better option in many different types of processes.

Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyors vs. Aero Mechanical Conveyors

Aero Mechanical Conveyor - In Facility

When deciding between pneumatic vacuum conveyors vs. aero mechanical conveyors, understanding their unique features is paramount. These two industrial conveyor systems vary significantly in operation, efficiency, and suitability for different materials. By delving into their distinctions, from conveying mechanisms to energy consumption, you can make an informed choice to enhance your material handling operations. Pneumatic […]

How Do You Convey a Difficult Product?

Material particles in aero mechanical conveyor

If your product has certain characteristics that make it difficult to handle, you may be asking yourself – how do you convey a difficult product? The right conveyor for your application is based on a number of factors, including material characteristics, layout, and application. At Spiroflow, we help you choose the right conveyor to achieve […]

Conveying flour – Choose the Right Conveyor

Conveying Flour

If you are looking to convey flour in your factory process and you are unsure which conveyor will be right then read our guide to choosing the right conveyor below. Flour is a powder product which is made by grinding raw grains and roots and is then used to make a final product such as […]

Snack Foods – Convey Fragile Material

A variety of snack foods in bowls

If you wish to be the leader in the industry of snack foods – convey fragile material properly. The conveying process presents unique challenges that require innovative conveyor technologies. Our conveyor solutions are specifically designed to handle these sensitive products, minimizing breakage and maintaining product integrity during the transportation process. With Spiroflow’s expertise, snack manufacturers […]

Aero Mechanical Conveyors – Caring for Your Rope and Discs

Parts of aero mechanical conveyor 

Aero mechanical conveyors are essential in the efficient handling and transportation of bulk materials. This guide offers essential maintenance tips for their rope and discs, which are crucial components that drive their performance. Ensuring their proper care not only extends the lifespan of these conveyor technologies but also enhances operational efficiency and safety. What Are […]

Aero Mechanical Conveyor Problems: Keeping the Material Moving

Spiroflow's aero mechanical conveyor system

What are the problems with aero mechanical conveyors? It’s completely understandable if this question is on your mind. There’s nothing inherently flawed with an aero mechanical conveyor (AMC) but issues can arise when the conveyors are used or set up incorrectly. Don’t worry! In this article we’ll run down how you can avoid headaches while using an aero mechanical conveyor.

What do we know? Here at Spiroflow, we’ve been in the dry bulk material handling industry for nearly five decades. It’s been our goal since our launch to provide quality custom designed conveyors to our customers and to make sure those conveyors work to the best of their capabilities.

How Much Does an Aero Mechanical Conveyor Cost?

Spiroflow aero mechanical conveyor

An aero mechanical conveyor is one of the most efficient ways to move material in a plant, but how much do they cost? We get this question all of the time.

There’s not a simple answer because it depends on several factors. It depends on the construction materials, layout, and selected options. I’ll describe all of the determining factors for the price and why an aero mechanical conveyor could work for you.